Tailored Clothing

All Royal Blue suits are handmade and retain the highest quality expected from a pure custom tailored garment, and also have a unique individuality. All suits are hand cut and hand made by skilled individual tailors right down to the boutonniere and coat button holes. Other than reinforcing the seams (which requires tight machine stitching), our suits are completely created by hand, requiring over 50 hours of hand work. We take great pride in our business and our master tailors and cutters personally oversee and supervise the entire suit making process from concept on an order form, to completion. Our suits are made from the finest materials and supplies available. We create and cut a paper pattern for each customer, therefore ensuring all future orders will fit identical and retain consistency. At Royal Blue we offer only a fully canvassed option to our suit making process as to make a suit any other way is below our standards. Royal Blue offers fabrics from the finest mills and distributors in the world, Scabal, Biella, Isle Fabrics, Vitale Barberis, United Silks and Woolens, Harrison’s of Edinburgh, Thomas Mason and many more.

Bespoke Shirt Features

⊗ Designs Matched at Every Contact Point
⊗ Single Needle Tailoring
⊗ 22 Stitches per Inch
⊗ 3mm Australian Mother of Pearl Buttons
⊗ Buttons Sewn with Crossed Lockstitch
⊗ Two Piece Split Yoke
⊗ Two Piece, Hand Cut, Hand Turned Collars
⊗ Horizontal Bottom Buttonhole
⊗ Butterfly Gusset on Side Seam
⊗ Removable Collar Stays
⊗ Spare Buttons
⊗ Sewn Interlinings
⊗ Custom Signature Monograms

We offer great quality custom tailored dress shirts, for men. Offering impeccable hand stitched tailoring; a vast and extensive collection of the finest two fold cotton fabrics; quick turnaround time; unbelievably low prices; and dedicated personal customer service.

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